Therapeutic Aquatic Bodywork

Craniosacral Principles
Course: July 22-24,  2021

each day

Biomechanics of the Craniosacral System 

Primary Respiration:  Rhythmic Impulses and Propulsion Forces

Fulcrums in the aquatic environment

Therapeutic tools in manual aquatic bodywork 

Physiological considerations and psycho-emotional effects of treatment in warm water

Treatment methodology

Embryology to understand how the embryo ‘creates it’ own pools of amniotic fluid, and how the forces of gastrulation are ever-present.  

Biomechanical, visceral, myofasical balancing techniques-holds above the water with flotation

Introduction to submersion and states of apnea to enter ever-deepening awareness of Primary Respiration-Dynamic Stillness

Group warm-up games, exercises, movement and mediation, help develop trust and cohesion as a group creating a  ‘pod’ of collective consciousness

 This is a 3-day foundation course open to Health and Movement Professionals who are looking to expand their practice to the water in therapeutic aquatic sessions.  Those attending must have a background of study in anatomy-physiology, as well as some manual experience in their field.  The course is held at 6614 chemin Parkview, CSL, Montreal, Quebec.



This course is required to take the advanced workshops offered in Summer 2021:

July 25  10-5pm Clinical Integration Continuing Aquatic Education

with Marie Panier, DO, Michel Dufresne, DO and Jennie Anstey, DO

August 21st  10-5pm Specific Aquatic Treatment with Michel Dufresne, DO
August 22nd 10-5pm Osteoarticular Normalisations in Aquatic Therapy with Jennie Anstey, DO


If you would like an idea of this work, you are also welcome to attend as an observer this summer 2 student observation days with Jennie Anstey, D.O. 

Ostéopathic Instructors:  


Michel Dufresne, B.A., D.O., holds a degree of Osteopathy from Le College d’Études Ostéopathiques de Montreal (C.E.O.) and a Bachelor in psychology from Bishop’s University, Canada. Michel also is a professor at C.E.O. in Montreal. He brings a practical approach to multiple health dysfunctions with the use of osteo-articular, visceral as well as cranial techniques.  Michel has co-written a research paper on the adaptation of therapeutic principles of osteopathy into the aquatic environment and does research in this area. He holds seminars and workshops on Aquatic Osteopathy internationally and has been a faculty instructor with the Aquatic Therapy & Rehab Institute, U.S.A. since 2000.



Jennie Anstey, B.Sc, D.O. completed her B.Sc in Physiology at McGill University. She worked in ischemic exercise research in the  MRI department at the Montreal Neurologic Institute and trained as a Pilates Instructor, with a rehabilitation focus with Polestar Education.  She completed her D.O. at Académie Sutherland d’Ostéopathie du Quebec (ASOQ).  She has completed trainings in ELDOA, Aquatic Craniosacral, Dolphin Dance, AquaHara, Massage AquaVie (Above and Below Surface), Soul-Level Therapy and Spiritual Psychology, and a 3-year program abroad in Sound Healing and Shamanic Studies.  She is currently a faculty member ASOQ teaching several courses in Cranial Osteopathy and supervising clinics for students.  In addition to her private practice based in Montreal, she organizes classes, workshops, conferences and retreats to share the benefits of Osteopathy. 

Marie Panier D.O. Belge d’origine, a commencé son activité professionnelle auprès des femmes enceintes et des bébés en tant que kinésithérapeute et œuvrait alors en salle d’accouchement et en préparation à la naissance. Elle a complété sa formation de base par différentes approches liées à la naissance et l’accueil de l’être (Haptonomie, rééducation périnéale, activités aquatiques périnatales et pour jeunes enfants, guide de naissance du sacré, Rebirth). Son lieu de prédilection étant l’eau chaude, elle a créé à Bruxelles l’école « La Magie de l’eau » en 1987. Elle y est devenue ostéopathe, en 1999 diplômée du Collège d’Études Ostéopathiques de Montréal CEO et a clôturé sa formation par la co-rédaction avec Michel Dufresne D.O. d’un mémoire de recherche sur « L’adaptation des principes thérapeutiques de l’Ostéopathie au milieu aquatique »En 2005 elle a fondé l’Odyssée, le voyage d’une naissance un centre de ressources périnatales et familiales en Estrie où différents thérapeutes y travaillent en interdisciplinarité autour de la naissance.Depuis donc près de 35 ans, Marie développe différentes approches aquatiques inspirée des formations qu’elle a suivies : Watsu, Mouvance en eau, massage en eau chaude sur et sous l’eau, yoga aquatique, familiarisation à l’eau pour jeunes enfants, apprivoisement de la peur de l’eau…Elle partage en Europe et au Québec le fruit de ses recherches.

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