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Aqua-Massage:  AquaVie 1

Formation Course

  Oct 29-Oct 31st, 2022
@ Sur les Toits du Monde, St. Catherine de Hatley, Quebec 


This course is the first course, AquaVie 1, (20h) which can be completed on it's own or be part of  a complete Aqua-Massage training.  AquaVie 1 teaches us the basics of doing a surface aqua-massage. Carole Dion is the creator of this approach and it is the fruit of more than 40 years of experience in the water. 

Instructors: Jennie Anstey and Carole Dion

A complete training is given in stages:
AquaVie (surface) 1, AquaVie 2 (surface) and then AquaViechi (underwater with masks). Is there is no pre-requisite to take this course, as it's designed to be easy for anyone to learn.

Other steps outside class hours are:
a) hours of massage practice
b) supervision
c) receive massage from an instructor or graduate student.
d) introduction to aquamovement, wave swimming and aquadance
e) Aquatic First Aid

Each course entitles you to a certificate, but to receive a full Aqua-Massage diploma, these steps will become essential to the entire training.

Schedule: Oct 29-31th, 2022 9-5pm each day with a lunch break 12-1:30pm.

Costs: $795 plus taxes (training) plus 2 nights accommodation ($130). Meals can be organized together in the community kitchen.

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