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Flow Vibrations 

Movement, Dance, Sound Healing

Saturday, March 18th 8-11pm

Zab Maboungou/Compagnie Danse Nyata Nyata

4374 boul. St-Laurent, 2 étage, Montreal, Quebec H2W 1Z5

Anchor your true vibratory essence!  
Movement and stillness are present together at the heart of all life. We live in a universe that we are still discovering and our lives are yet unfolding. Coming back to the center of ourselves is a practice which brings stability, strength and integration. Then we can move with joy and ease.  Life can shake us up and we can feel unstable sometimes facing changes which inevitably arise. So we offer you a space to ground, to center, and be moved by the great intelligence working from deep within yourself. Explore the vast qualities of natural movement within yourself and spark the deeper surrender into the vibratory expression of life itself. Come and flow, move, listen, make noise, dance, shake, play, be silly and delight to be fully and vibrantly alive! Bring your child-like heart of innocence to discover what wants to move inside of you. 

We will greet others in the space in playful dance and flow, as well as create some group sound experiences to encourage streams of vital, moving energy. Instruments and essential oils will be available for you to use as you are dancing, to delight yourself and others as we dance! We will finish with a calming sound bath including crystal bowls, tuning forks, chimes and other instruments to rest and integrate. Winding down the night, everyone will get a chance to harmonize with group toning and share their experience.

-Welcome circle 
-Music and sound to explore movement within yourself 
-Exploring movement as a group and with others if you like
-Co-create group sound and dance with rattles, sticks, shakers, drums, chimes, bells, etc. If you have any that you want to bring, please do!!
-Sound bath and toning to harmonize, relax and integrate
-Closing circle and sharing

Jennie Anstey, D.O. is an Osteopath, Pilates Teacher and Sound Therapist. She has experience in many dance forms, however she has also completed trainings in Lithotherapy, Theta Healing, Awakening the Illuminated Heart, Soul-Level Therapy and Spiritual Psychology, Shamanic Sound Healing, AquaHara and Dolphin Dance. Other areas of studies include Flamenco, Ballet and Modern Dance, Yoga, Chi Kong, world religions, sacred geometry and indigenous plant medicine. Her professional practice is based in Montreal. She does private osteopathy sessions, aquatic osteopathy, teaches cranial osteopathy and group workshops in sound healing, self-osteopathy and movement. More information can be found on her website:

Solomon Krueger, M.A. is a catalyst for the discovery of new pathways and possibilities within yourself by exploring the edges of your comfort zone. He creates liberating spaces for authentic expression and deeper connections, using inquiry, improvisation, embodiment, and interactive practices. He is delighted to collaborate again with Jennie.

Saturday, March 18, 2017, 8pm-11pm. 
Contribution: $25
Bring your yoga mat, water and comfortable clothes.

If you have small percussion instruments you would like to bring

(drum, rattle, sticks, shakers) feel free, but there will be lots to share too!

There is a maximum capacity. Please pay by Paypal to register, or e-transfer: If you have questions, please contact Solomon by facebook or by email.


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