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Crystal Bowl, Digeridoo and Glass Instruments Concert
with Maurice Charlebois, Nicola Mainville, Gisèle Deslières
Tuesday May 9th, 2017  7pm
At ERSM 4855 avenue Kensington, Notre-Dame-de-Grâce


Come and enjoy a sound healing concert with invited guests, Maurice Charlebois, GIséle Desliéres and Nicole Mainville.  Maurice and Giséle have been working with crystal bowls for many years and their work can activate the body, mind and soul through the symphony of vibrations created by many frequencies.  Nicola makes all of his own instruments including digeridoo, crystalophones, drums and other innovative instruments.  A preview of hIs unique work can be found here:


This meditative concert is not to be missed!!  You can enjoy the experience lying down if you wish, so bring a mat, cushions or whatever you need to be comfortable.  This is listening with the whole body!


The concert is also fundraiser for the school.  Admission is $20.


Contact me to reserve:

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