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Illuminatrix:  The LadyOf Light and The Seven Stars


Spring Equinox: March 30th, 

Fall Equinox:  September 21st, 6:30pm

Facilitated by:
Melinda Kinzie from Sacred Sound Sanctuary:
Jennie Anstey:

Jennie & Melinda, both eternal students of the mysteries, met during a 3 year Shamanic Sound Healing Program in VT with Zacciah Blackburn at The Center of Light. They have come together for this event each having dedicated decades of study and teaching of transformational work, energy medicine & spirituality. 

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Crypt of La Chapelle de Notre-Dame de Bon-Secours, 400 St. Paul East

To pre-register and confirm your spot from Canada kindly e-transfer $40 CAD to
Or pre-register from US PayPal $33 to

Join us for a Sound and Meditative Visionary Journey in the Crypt of La Chapelle Notre-Dame-de-Bon-Secours. We simply invite you to gather together with us to attune to your inner knowing. This Gnostic Path is the 'Inner Church', where we are inspired by the guiding light to reveal the mysteries as we are ready to receive them. May we meet again in this way, honouring all beings which have held this knowing deep within, to guard the way to true freedom and peace. Beyond any religious dogma, differences and oppositions we honour our own androgynous primordial being, the principle of darkness and light and the integration of the dualistic nature of all life.

We are gathering close to a sacred man-made pyramidal mound which 3000 years prior to the arrival of the colonists, was documented to be a regular visiting place of the native peoples. What other clues do we find in this City of Ville-Marie, dedicated to Mary: The Mother of all Mothers? Who is this Lady of Light who wears a crown of seven stars? What do you remember about the seven sisters, Sirius, the Pleiades, the indigenous gardens with seven seeds, the Kabbalastic seven heavens and the creation legends? Why is the statue of Stella Maris, the Star of the Sea, on top of the church standing on a dome of fish scales? What is her connection to the Essenes of Mount Carmel and Isis where we have a clue of the life-giving mother descending on earth to open the narrow path to heaven? What is a Templar stone doing in the Crypt of the Chapelle de Notre-Dame-de Bonsecours? Another sacred relic in the main chapel of this church is a Black Madonna and child with miraculous healing powers, reportedly carved from a millennial-old oak tree visited by the Celts and Druids which was brought to Montreal. So many clues weave together in this place.

As we remember our human history from the inside, from our cellular memories, our DNA encodings, and the great inner libraries in the earth, stones, bones and cosmos, we feel we can connect directly to the deepest truths of life here on earth. We remember how powerful this can be to do this together. Let the stones and energies of the sacred land beneath us, be combined with the celestial energies from our star family origins. The union of heaven and earth is a living process within us.

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