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@ 6614 Parkview, CSL, Montreal

Exploring our individual movement in the water, being held by others and merging in group exploration will be part of the aquatic dance we will create together. Co-hosted with Solomon Kruger.  We will be accompanied by a live sound experience by Dominic Gregorio as we bask in the sunlight and water.

$60 (pre-registration required)

The water is our first medium of growth and suspension and when we merge back into the water we contact memories with prenatal movement patterns. We will gather in circle with an opening meditation with breath and pratice deeper fluid body states above and below the water.  Solomon and Jennie bring their experience and joy of facilitating movement explorations together and are looking foward to the soundscape Dominic will create! 

Held at a private salt-water pool heated to 90++ degrees. Bring your bathing suit, towel and noseclip (if you don't have, I have good ones to sell @$5). Entrance on right side gate of house. 

Solomon Krueger, founder and organizer of Flow Dance and Flow Lab, he is a designer of transformational experiences, and catalyst to help unleash inner potential. He guides people to create greater alignment between their current reality and their life path. His holistic toolbox includes deep listening, body-awareness, and intuitive processes. 

Jennie Anstey, D.O. is an Osteopath, Pilates Teacher and Sound Therapist. Other trainings include Lithotherapy, Theta Healing, Awakening the Illuminated Heart, Soul-Level Therapy and Spiritual Psychology, Shamanic Sound Healing, AquaHara and Dolphin Dance. She has also studied Flamenco, Ballet and Modern Dance, Yoga, Chi Kong & indigenous plant medicine. She does private osteopathy sessions, aquatic osteopathy, teaches cranial osteopathy and group workshops in sound healing, self-osteopathy and movement. 

Dominic Gregorio is Associate Professor of Music at the University of Regina, conducting two choirs, leading a graduate program in Choral Conducting, teaching voice, and developing courses in Creative Technology. Dominic is interested in new technology to augment the solo voice, and multidisciplinary performance involving choir, singers and technology, breaking down the walls between classical and popular idiom vocal technique, and improvisation as meditation and liberation practice.

$60 (or sliding scale between $50-60 if needed). To book your place you 1) register:, then 2) send a friend transfer

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