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Laura Rose Piccioni, 514-966-5604

Works from my office, 5515 Queen Mary, Suite #204

Priya Kamala Giri

Priya weaves many different approaches for a holistic bodywork including Esalen Massage, Shiatsu, Swedish, Deep-TIssue, Thai-Yoga Massage, Yoga and Various other modalities.

Manon Harvey

Postural Alignment, Fascia Therapy and Massage.

Montreal, Verdun and at-home treatments.


Geraldine Garcia, 438-939-4258

Massage including prenatal and Thai Yoga Massage, Conscious Birthing for Couples

Thalia DeVigne

  Inspired by love & the healing arts, Thalia channels the innate divinity, which in essence, is present in each one of us. A life devoted to personal transformation and the art of living in joy, her intimate relationship with spirit, along with worldly travels, have guided her to various discoveries in the realms of ancient healing arts. She has acquired certifications around the world as a certified Massage Therapist, Reiki Practitioner and professionally trained in Sacred Sound Healing, bridging Eastern fusion with a modern playful touch of intuitive sound alchemy. Her intention is to provide a Safe & Sacred space for you to release stress, anxiety, soothe physical pain and reconnect with yourself through touch, sound & sensorial awakening. 

Janeck Olczyk

Massothérapie, Approches Ostéopathies, Nutrition et Yoga


Clinique Laurier, 1458 Laurier Est,  entre Garnier et Fabre

Jodie Duplisea

Jodie’s quest for health began as a young person recovering from a major gymnastics accident.  She luckily stumbled across yoga and various forms of massage as healing modalities and was able to return to her optimal health.  Her fascination about how the body, mind and soul are able to recover from trauma grew and she studied her favorite healing methods so she could in turn share this gift with others.  She also continued her university studies in health and after receiving a master’s in health policy, worked for several governmental agencies in research and development until deciding to open Montreal’s first non-profit wellness center, Fondation Ambaa.  Jodie also volunteered in several countries to spread her love of healing.  She now dedicates her life to help people unlock their best health from her center, Le Temple D’O in Val David, Qc, which focuses on aquatic healing, yoga and massage.   Jodie speaks English, French and Spanish.  

Monica Canducci

Monica has many gifts she is sharing with the world at this time.  If you would like some bodywork under the hands of a gifted visionary, it's sure to be a special experience.

MonicaCertified Rolfer & Rolf Movement Practitioner

Dan Waldston

Located on Queen Mary

Marilyn Lalonde, (514) 989-7660

Downtown location. Very experienced therapist.  Also a Gyrotonics and Pilates instructor.  

Charles Dalpé, 514-898-9366

Massage including Thai Yoga, Reiki and Bio-cosmic Energy treatments

Lisa Xue Fen Mah


Excellent therapist and her clinic has other services too like osteopathy, acupuncture...

2216 Beaubien East

Dorothy Stone, 802-325-5574

Dorothy is not in Montreal, but just outside of Burlington and well worth the drive from Montreal as a special treat.  Not only an exceptional massage therapist, but also a teacher and guide into many realms using sound and her special gifts.

Williston, Vermont

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Laura Piccioni


Geraldine Garcia

‭(438) 939-4258‬


Noah Patterson

Programming Editor


Tess Anderson

Art Director

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