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Nurturing Touch and Sound Journey

Saturday, Nov.26th  12:30-4:30pm

This will be a day of giving and will be the darker days of fall...a time to deeply enter within.  No bodywork experience is necessary, simply a willingness to give a loving touch to others and receive their hands-on-medicine in return.  Then co-creating a soundscape together will allow us to enter more subtle sensations and visionary states.

Over the last few years, have been bringing the principles of osteopathy to group settings and combining sound to allow us to go deeper in self-realization.  Zacciah Blackburn, of The Center of Light in Vermont,is my dear teacher and guide in this work.   The study of cymatics teaches us how sound structures matter and when we apply conscious touch with sound we awaken very simply to the vibrational nature of all things.  Through sound vibrations we can literally create our physical reality.  This is useful to know when we are going through any chaos in our is simply life re-organizing to a higher vibrational state.   We will use this wisdom to shift our awareness to a new state of being.    In the symphony of giving and recieving in harmony with all life, this class is a chance to take care of each other. 

The joy of being of service to another and the chance to open and simply recieve will be facilitated through partnered bodywork and a soundscape we will create together.  We will meet in circle to greet each other, partner up and received a guided, unwinding session of nurturing touch . Then we will create soothing harmonic sounds for integration and to weave our work into the more subtle fields of the body.  The groups will switch to give everyone a chance to participate. There is no need for any bodywork, musical experience or ability, as the instuments we will use will be very simple:  first our hands and whole body, then rattles, crystal bowls, tibetan bowls, bells, chimes, drums, and if you would like, simple toning with your own voice.  Feel free to bring your own such instuments to the class which may be suitable for deep relaxation. The workshop will conclude back in circle to share our experiences and culminate in a last harmonic tune-in and tune-up!

The medicine is within you.  You carry it.  Show up and share who you really are.  We welcome you.


Shri Yoga, Corner Sherbrooke and Victoria

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