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"The first principle in the primary respiratory mechanism, the fluctuation of the cerebrospinal fluid, has a potency with an Intelligence...”- W.G. Sutherland, DO

Osteopathic Treatment

Anyone can benefit from an osteopathic session.  My patients may arrive in my office for various reasons: an injury or localized pain, joint restrictions, headaches, digestive problems, chronic health problems, hormonal imbalances,  stress, anxiety, pre and post-natal care or simply a wellness check-up.  Most people get pretty curious about the diversity of challenges which osteopathy can treat.  We look for the cause of the issue, so your whole medical and life history is relevant.  This means the treatment is global and goes beyond our rational understanding of our discomforts to deep somatic awareness.   The body is a total unit of function with a potency of Intelligence expressed in the Breath of Life.  This is not a passive therapy.  The highest part of yourself does the work:  my hands and presence are guided by your inner physician.  In the end, you heal yourself.


Sessions are 55 minutes: $110 or 85 min. $150

For more information or book a session click here.

Pediatric Osteopathy

Infants and children are master healers!  I am humbled by their presence and their own inner guidance everytime I work with them.  Everyone teaches me, but I have to say that I am especially grateful through what I have learned with children.  Osteopathy is a non-verbal therapy through our first language: touch.  Together we can communicate in that way and feel what may be going on for them.  This communication alone is a great relief so they can be understood and bring relief to their physical bodies.  The most common issues I work with in pediatrics are: digestive issues, breastfeeding issues, tongue-tie, hip dysplasia, plagiocephaly, ear infections, enlarged adenoids, breathing problems, hearing loss, dental alignment and myofascial work to assist orthodontics, aligment of the whole musculo-skeletal system, lymphatic drainage, anxiety and behavioral concerns.


The first session for children is 55 minutes:  $110

Follow-ups for children under the age of 10 may be 25 minutes:  $55

For more information or book a session click here.

Aquatic Osteopathy


Imagine floating in a warm pool, reminiscent of your first medium in the womb.  All planes of movement are possible, and joints can be mobilized with ease.  The principles of an osteopathic treatment on a table are the same, however the suspension in the water is more deeply relaxing.  Evaluation and treatment of orthopedic and visceral restrictions are highly effective due to the response and freedom of the fluid body in the water environment.  Some floatational cuffs and props may be used for your comfort.  This is also an exceptional pre-natal experience to connect with your baby and remember your time in the womb.  Experience bliss and merge back into the ocean of existence.


One on one sessions are one hour: $140

For more information or book a session click here.

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