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Other Superstars and Therapies

Carole Dion

Carole has been working in aquatics for over 40 years.  An aquatic massage session with her will be one of the most amazing experiences you will ever have!  Reach out to her for a session!  I am honoured to call her my teacher and guide in this work of honouring the waters within us and on this earth.

Her website: Aquamouvance includes more information on the different aquatic massages offered as well as AquaYoga and teacher trainings.

Megan Pennington

Holistic Nutrition and Food Sensitivity Specialist - Megan has a background in clinical Dietetics and combines traditional nutrition with holistic practices. She provides individual consulting, online programs, and a variety of testing methods to assess nutrient levels, digestive function and food sensitivity reactions which trigger inflammation in the body.


Megan Pennington

BSc, CHHC, CLT, Holistic Nutrition & Food Sensitivity Specialist

Email: info@mpholisticnutrition 
Phone: 514 500 6137

Fadel Behman



Cranio-sacral Therapy, Emotional Balance, Raising Consciousness and Soul Alignment.



Jean-Marc Péladeau



Thérapie par l'art.  Mon fils a travaillé avec lui pour plusiers sessions et son presence avec lui et son feedback a moi comme parent était tres éclairant!



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