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Resources and Therapist Referral List

Sharing our discoveries

This page is to help you if you need other resources during your healing journey.  Sometimes I can't personally accomodate you right away, but I certainly would still like to help.  Through my network of other trusted therapists, you can reach out to get the help you need.  When you are you in pain, or nursing yourself back to health after an injury, or facing a personal crisis it might be osteopathy, homeopathy, psychotherapy or yoga for example which might be able to help best.  If you are not sure where to turn you this list might help guide you to what might work best for the issue you are dealing with at this time.  You can always drop into one of my workshops or events to create the time and space for you to listen to your body's wisdom, so you can know more what to do and how to help yourself heal.  Various resources are listed below for you to consider.

Montreal Osteopaths

I am listing my trusted collegues here for you to contact in different areas of the city.

Toronto Osteopaths

My personal contacts are listed here or you can check out for a more complete list:

Ottawa Osteopaths



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Massage Therapists

Yoga Teachers and Studios

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