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Starlight Spa

These are evenings to gather under the stars together. Come to unwind with live music (artists listed below) and enjoy the warm pool, heated to 95 degrees. You can lounge, submerge and flow, enjoying the magnificence of being in a human body, and the freedom of the water medium. We invite you to relax and enjoy this community event!

June 22, July 12, July 26, Aug.9, Aug.23, Sept.6th


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Candles will flicker their fire, meditative music will soothe and serenade us. Herbal drinks are included, highlighting the plants grown in the garden. We honour our Great Mother for her abundance to feed us her medicine, and we know the greatest medicine is the unique presence of each person.


There will be the option of receiving aquatic bodywork in these evenings if you would like to explore that extra in a session. The contact e-mail of the aquatic bodyworker present each evening is listed so you can book that directly with them for a small extra fee.  Millie Tresierra will be present as well offering Biodynamic Craniosacral sessions on land as well. (

Entrance fee for the evening is $20 cash paid that evening, to support the space and the musicians.


This evening is for adults only.  RSVP here:


I appreciate you using this link to book since it helps me in the organizing. If you have trouble booking you can e-mail me at to confirm your attendance. If you need to cancel please let me know in advance to make room for another person to attend as places are limited. Thank you.

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June 22:
Music: Harpist Hannah Brockow (
Aquatic Bodywork: Jennie Anstey (

July 12:
Music: Angélica Naràkuri (

Wataflow:  Marianne Derycke (

July 26:
Music: Rafaelle Mackay (
Aquatic Bodywork: Jodie Duplesia (,

Aug 9:
Music: Jennifer Gasoi (
Aquatic Bodywork: Soror Mystica (Jovana Abroad)

Music: Melinda Kinzie (
Aquatic Bodywork: Jennie Anstey (

Music: Megh Riley (
Aquatic Bodywork:  Jennie Anstey


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