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Fluid movements, strengthening and energizing. Centering, stillness and inner connection with sound and guided practices.

$20 per class or $100 for the 5 week-series

May is the month of new shoots peeking out of the ground! Springtime holds wonder and joy and so I invite you to my garden outside for a 5 week series of classes. The earth is lifting up and giving new life to the sun, so we can return from the great exhale of winter to the joyous inhale of summer. I welcome you to allow the earth itself to take the compost of what no longer serves you, and let the garden grow even better. Literally with all our shit comes fruits and flowers of our own blossoming!

Over the last 20 years I have been teaching movement classes of all kinds, and in recent years, meditative and stillness practices. My practice in osteopathy is essentially following the template of our being and centerness in the midline, with the spiralling forces of heaven and earth which move us funnelling through the core of our architecture. This series of classes is a chance to be moved by the forces which govern all of nature, and also tune-inwardly as you integrate in stillness. We all have something to move and something to stabilize us. Be prepared for anything. Dance, movement, balancing postures, spinal unwinding, toning, singing, eye-gazing, smelling the plants, fairy bells, crystal bowls, prostrations to the earth or heart open to the sun...who knows?! I used to make week by week themes, but goodness know we are flying by the seat of our pants in these times! 

6614 Parkview in Cote St. Luc, Montreal

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Journey to Stillness:  Self-Osteopathy and Sound
Wednesdays 12:15-1:15pm
Spring 2016  5-week session
April 20, 27th, May 4, 11, 18

This class is like a self-osteopathy session and a chance to experience your inner physician and healer.  We will create the time and space to practice some of the postures to create space in the spine, then explore the more subtle inherent movements in the body.  These physiologic processes of expansion and contraction can bring bio-rhythms back into harmony when experienced from a deep, heart-centered place. Everyone is welcome, and my regular clients will find that this work can even replace some one-on-one osteopathic sessions due to a deeper awareness and process for self-healing.   It can also completely transform the practice of yoga, dance or any sport as it shifts physical barriers of resistance. 


The weekly themes of osteopathic and ancient wisdom traditions will be presented.  Spring 2016 will focus on organ regeneration and healing and liberation of the inner pharmacy.  


April 20th   The Caduceus: A Physiological Principle to Harmonize and Align
April 27th   Bone Marrow and Spleen:  Red Blood Cells and the Vortex of Life in relation to the  Breath of Life
May 4th      Cranial Osteopathy, Optimal Brain Function and Endorphin Production
May 11th    Embryology of Sexual Organs and Urinary Tract: Polarity and Common Origins in Male and Female Biology
May 18th    Caring for your Eyes: Transduction of light for hormone balance and healthy metabolism (with the overwhelming demand for this class, I am offering it again...)


These classes can be enjoyed by anyone.  We spend so much time focused on the outer world and it's activities and that we sometimes forget that all that we see and experience is birthed from the magnificence within.  When we take the time to listen and experience our inner workings, not only can we heal our own bodies, but we contribute in service to the collective.  If you need to set some time aside to meditate and tune inwards, this class is for you. 


Come and discover the expansive nature of your inner space through sound and guided meditation.   Crystal bowls, tibetian bowls, drums, tuning forks, bells, chimes, tingshas, flute and our voices may be used. The best physican in town for you, is you!


Location: Shri Yoga

4846 Rue Sherbrooke Ouest, Corner Victoria, Westmount


$90 for the 5 week session

$20 Drop in

Reserve a place for this class


Past topics in other series of classes are listed below, so if you have any questions about any of these practices or are interested in having them offered again, just let me know:


Fall 2015  focused on organ regeneration and healing and liberation of the inner pharmacy:  

  • Sept.9th The Importance of Your Cerebro-Spinal Fluid: Alchemical Waters 

  • Sept.16th The Placenta as a Universal Organ:  Using your umbilical connection for organ regeneration

  • Sept.23rd The Digestive System:  Receiving, Transforming, Absorption and Elimination

  • Sept.30th Liver, Gall Bladder, Kidneys:  Filtration and Purification

  • Oct.7th The Heart is More Than a Pump: Coherence and Creation

  • Oct.14th Caring for your Eyes and Skin: Transduction of light for hormone balance and healthy metabolism


Winter 2015:

  • April 29th  The Mineral Realm:  Lithotherapy and your crystalline biology

  • May 6th  The Plant Realm: Weaving relationship with plant wisdom

  • May 13th The Animal Realm: Listening to your animal spirit helpers for guidance

  • May 20th The Human Kingdom:  The weaving of all within

  • May 27th The Liquid Light of the Cerebrospinal Fluid: The potency of the Breath of Life as the light of intelligence

Fall 2014:

  • The Physical, Fluid and Tidal bodies: Entrainment to deeper biorythyms

  • The Torodial Electro-Magnetic Field:  Your Subtle Anatomy

  • Healing the Organs: Journey through Embryological Development 

  • Healing the Joints:  Accessing your Inner Pharmacy 

  • Form and Formlessness:  Welcoming Your Multi-Dimensional Self and the Blueprint Field

Freedom in Movement
Fridays 8:45-9:45am (possible to set up another time)
2015:  This class will resume upon registration of at least 6 participants for a 5-week series

This class is designed to invigorate, strengthen and energize! It's the perfect complement to an osteopathic treatment in order to free all joints, improve the quality of your connective tissue in the body and get all the juices moving in a fun way! It will be a mix of Pilates, rotational flow and balancing movements. We will move through our challenges and celebrate our strengths, gaining abdominal and spinal strength in dynamic movement patterns and breathing techniques.  


I love to manually assist people when I can, so there may be opportunities for small corrections along the way! All abilities are welcome and we will encourage each other to move into new ranges of motion with ease. 


Location: Shri Yoga

4846 Rue Sherbrooke Ouest, Corner Victoria, Westmount



$90 for the 5-week session

$20 Drop in

Reserve a place for this class

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