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The joy of working together expands the awareness of self

ELDOA (Etirements Longitudinaux avec Decoaptation Osteo-Articulaire)

ELDOAs were created by french osteopath, Guy Voyer, D.O. as a complement to osteopathic care.  The vital structure of the human spine can be decompressed level by level with specific myo-fascial postures.   These postures improve joint mechanics, increase blood flow, reduce pressure on the inter-vertebral discs, improve muscle tone,  restore neurological function to all systems and assist hormonal balance.  Sound frequencies will be used as a fun way to support each spinal level in gravity. Come learn the whole series for total well-being, and find out which ones you may need to practice at home.  For minutes each day, you can be pain-free and take your movement pratice of yoga, dance or any sport to the next level!


The Biological Torodial Field
Guided Meditation for Self-Healing

Every molecule, every mass, every moving body in space, every solar system, your whole body, is built around a neutral center.  It is the indestructible unit around which all that we recognize as matter is built. Immovable itself, it moves all things.  Look at the form of a red blood cell as a clue revealing the shape of the human electromagnetic field, which is a common torodial energy form.  This movement dynamic can be experienced through the fractal nature of your biology.  This has to be my favorite topic, as I wrote my thesis paper on the unified field, the dynamic stillness of the zero-point and resonance across scale through this common energetic.   Let me guide you into more subtle realms of your physiology to deepen your gnosis of your interconnectiness from the quantum to cosmic scale.  This class will be a guided sound meditation.  For more information, you can read my Osteopathic Thesis on this subjet here.


Myofasical Stretching

“The soul of man, with all the streams of pure living water, seems to dwell in the fascia of his body.” -AT Still (founder of Osteopathy)

Fascia is a membranous envelope that glistens with a slick lubricating fluid. A continuous envelope that extends from head to toe, front to back, surrounding every organ, every blood vessel, every nerve, every bone, every muscle.  It's envelope changes thickness region to region and its purpose is to support and lubricate. An example of its function: to prevent a muscle from catching on its neighboring muscles as it contracts. Microscopically, fascia is composed of collagen and elastin. Collagen is arranged in tiny micro-tubules which carry tissue fluids. Blood vessels and nerves travel within the fascia to arrive at their designated end organs. In turn, fascia itself receives a profound number of nerve endings. The fascia is a fundamental structure in which the circulatory system and nervous system converge. 

In this workshop, we will work with the fascia as a global sail in the body and to open it up, as you stretch one area, you have to keep the other parts of the sail taut.  We will cover the major muscle groups in the body and you can learn what positions can be effective for a self-care regime.


Sound Bath

The study of cymatics teaches us how sound structures matter. Through sound vibrations we can literally create our physical reality.  This is useful to know when we are going through any chaos in our is simply life re-organizing to a higher vibrational state!  Let's use this wisdom to shift our awareness to a new state of being.  In the symphony of giving and recieving in harmony with all life, this class is a chance to take care of each other.  The joy of being of service to another and the chance to open and simply recieve will be facilited through a soundscape we will create together.  We will meet in circle to greet each other and divide in two groups; one group first lying down and being recievers and the other group creating soothing harmonic sounds and healing touch.  There is no need for any musical experience or ability, as the instuments we will use will be very simple:  rattles, crystal bowls, tibetan bowls, bells, chimes, drums, and if you would like, simple toning with your own voice.  Feel free to bring your own such instuments to the class which may be suitable for deep relaxation. Then we will switch groups to give everyone a chance to participate.  The class will conclude back in circle to share our experiences and culminate in a last harmonic tune-in and tune-up!


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