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Yoga and Osteopathy Workshop Series 2018

Craniosacral Principles, Alignment and Flow
Join us on your mat with with Yoga Teachers each month and Jennie Anstey, Osteopath 
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We will be attuning to the fluctuation of the cerebrospinal fluid during the workshop. Working in the conjunction with the spiralling nature of the connective tissue in the body arising from these tidal forces, we feel the vibrational nature of life force: Primary Respiration. When people can feel and find this fluid nature within themselves, they can enter more deeply the asanas which yoga provides, without strain, with ease and brings us closer to the other limbs of yoga to which we aspire within our consciousness. 

The process of union within the self, in harmony with all nature, is a meaning of yoga: ‘to yoke’ or unite the polarities. The ascending and descending forces in the body seek this balance and is reflected in the Breath of Life present not only in the breath of air, but the cellular expansion and contraction. It is stated that the highest stage in yoga is reached when the vital air passes through the sushumna, the central channel. This is referenced in osteopathy when we observe the transmutation of the cerebrospinal fluids occuring in a centered field of dynamic stillness.

A yoga class and osteopathic hands-on alignment! Your guides for this workshop will be:

Join us in the other workshops in the series:
Mar 14th 12:30@ Shri Yoga with Dominic Tambuzzo
4846 Sherbrooke Street West,Suite 101, Westmount

Apr 3rd 6pm @Lotus Palm Thai Yoga with Tony Eng
5244 Saint Urbain, Montreal, Quebec
Shizu Okada will be working with sound relaxation during this class:

Apr 15th 3pm @Yoga on the Park with Michel Rokem Negev
5582 Sherbrooke Street West, Montreal

May 6th 10am @L'esprit Sport Rehab with Brandee Safran
5311 Maisonneuve O., Montreal

May 23th 10am @ Equilibrium Yoga with Jenny Berthiaume
4812 boul.St. Laurent, #101(corner Villeneuve) Montreal​​

June 13th 1pm @my Pool with Carole Dion (AquaYoga)
6614 Parkview, Cote.St. Luc

Sep 16th 11:30 @ Yoga on the Park with Philippa Woolley
5582 Sherbrooke Street West, Montreal

Oct 4th 7:30pm @ Equilibrium Yoga with Audi Gozlan
4812 boul.St. Laurent, #101(corner Villeneuve) Montreal​​​

Nov 11th 3pm @TBA with Amy Samsonovitch
Jan 2019, date TBA @Yoga on the Park with Chantale Nadeau
5582 Sherbrooke Street West, Montreal 

$40 per workshop
Reserve your place online:
E-transfer $40 to to reserve your spot.
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